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Had some fun with photoshop this morning.

Had some fun with photoshop this morning.

A Lament to My Ading, Kyle Farol

I’ve been trying to wrap my head around the fact that my college-bound baby cuz passed away suddenly last Monday night. It was just a few weeks ago that I was having brunch with him asking if he was excited to start UCI this fall quarter. Even when I see him lay there, I still can’t believe it.

Kyle— Even if it may not seem like it to everyone around me, I’ve been grieving all week, trying to hold it together. A blog post isn’t enough to explain how I feel right now (plus, I honestly don’t know if I have the strength to speak at your eulogy tonight), but even though I wish you were still here, playing with your little brothers with me, I wanted to thank you for teaching me more about myself, and most importantly, life; especially in the course of this past week.

I know that it was rough for you growing up, in & out of hospitals, but you also taught me to be tough. I’ll take care of your little brothers for you as much as I can, but I can tell you already taught them well and they can take care of themselves, as well as your parents, soon, if not now.

I regret that I haven’t spent as much time with you as much as I wanted to, especially recently, but I hope that I was able to teach you a few things while I watched you grow up into the awesome, educated, handsome, & tough little man you became.

Kyle, I miss you. We all do. But I believe that, even though your physical self isn’t alive, I know your energy is still with us; and as you probably already know: Energy can neither be made nor destroyed (Nerd Alert!). Plus (and I know it’s a bit cliché), I know your soul is resting in a better place—free of worries, hardships, and hospitals; someplace peaceful where you can sit back, relax, play Pokemón on your DS, & read Harry Potter as you watch over all of us.

Again, thank you, cuz. I love you, miss you, & I look forward to reuniting with you when it’s my time.

Rest in peace, Ading.

Manong Justin

just so you’re clear about where i stand with a certain chicken sandwich…

yesterday was Chick-Fil-A appreciation day.  Long story short, I aired my feelings on a Facebook status update.  After receiving a ton of positive responses, I responded to one in particular, not necessarily negative, but one sort of defending the company based on the 1st amendment.  I’ve responded back via the comment section, but just so I can express to everyone how why I came to the decision why I chose not to go there in the first place (along with other notorious companies/corporations), here is that response:

first off, thanks so much to everyone. i woke up to so much positive support coming from a lot of people, friends & family, who I’m so glad to know is on my side. i’m so overwhelmed to know how many people know where i’m coming from, it’s

 restoring my fate in humanity a bit more.

i know everyone is entitled to their own opinion. i’m sure there are many good people who work for Chick-Fil-A who are either gay and/or does not support what their CEO stands for. What I had a problem with is that people taking advantage of the fact that yesterday’s “Appreciation Day”, thinking it was a chance to make their voice be heard (via the 1st Amendment) without knowing how their actions affect not only me, but many people in the world who are also in the LGBT community.

Without having to go TOO much into it and making this response a full-on essay, a lot of Chick-Fil-A’s profits are donated to two groups: The Family Research Council & the Marriage & Family Foundation—BOTH of which “missionary work” in America & around the world promote the idea that homosexuality should be a crime. Money, that comes from purchasing what seems to be a harmless little sandwich, is donated to these organizations who promote these ideas in different countries. That’s what I’m talking about when I say “voting with your dollars”. This has been going on for years (which is why I have never really eaten there in the first place).

So yes, people are entitled to their own opinions. Yes, not everyone in the company may not have the same ideals as that CEO. And yes, the media may have overblown the controversy. But you know what? I’m glad the media overblown something like this, and I hope they do expose a lot of what these companies stand for so we know where our money is going after we purchase a combo meal. I don’t want my purchasing power to effect ANY group negatively whether it be LGBT, Asian-American, African-American, etc.

It’s not just a chicken sandwich or just 1st Amendment argument. You’re effecting my life & the lives of millions of the LGBT community around the wold.

To sum up, it’s one thing to consciously know where your money is going to and how it’s effecting people and actively supporting it, but it’s another to know that same information but being ignorant or apathetic about it.  Please, think before you act (or purchase).

When in doubt, JUMP.

Anonymous (overheard while climbing)